Government Funded Treatment for under 18s

What is the Dental Benefits Scheme?

This is a scheme provided by the government for the free dental treatment of adolescents. It pays for one dental examination, xrays and clean each year. As well as other treatment as required (Terms and conditions apply)

Who is entitled to the Scheme?

Adolescents from year 9, who are residents of New Zealand. The individual is covered under this scheme until their eighteenth birthday.

Younger children are seen by a Dental Therapist at their school or local community centre, who will refer them on to a registered dental provider should they deem it necessary.

The Dental Benefits Scheme does not cover:

Braces or orthodontic treatment or any other treatment required as a result of an accident.

How do I enrol my child?

Pop into our Dental Practice or call 09 626 5205 and request your child be enrolled in the Dental Benefits Scheme for their Dental Care.